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Some people are born to do what they do; CHRIS FERRARA is no exception. As the story goes, his mother went into labor while singing in the Sunday choir, and he has been on stage ever since. Originally hailing from the small town of Sharon, MA, Ferrara relocated to Nashville in 2013. His music draws from an eclectic mix of influences to create a style as familiar as it is new. A blend of country boy soul with city kid swagger, his appeal is widespread across all genres and markets.

A true entertainer known for his high energy performances, Ferrara and his band, THE COMMON GOOD, is an infectious feel good show that has supported everything from national tours and festivals to global conferences and high profile weddings. They currently holds a Friday/Saturday night residency at Barstool Nashville and recently held a two-year residency at Justin Timberlake’s The 12/30 Club. With a horn section, keytar, and choreography to boot, CFTCG is more than a performance; it is an experience- one that has yet to leave a crowd unsatisfied.

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